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Tux Con - NYC Cocktail stroll

SaturdayNovember 19, 20223:00 pm

Tux~Con Seventh Annual Cocktail Stroll

Secret Location To Be Shared Week Of

suggested attire

Tuxs and hats for the gents & gowns for the gals


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What is Tux~Con?

Tux~Con is a polite cocktail stroll of historic bars.

We'll do a cocktail stroll thru some of NYC's finest, historic bars and speakeasies.

What is the suggested attire?

For the gents: tux, hat, and a white flower on the lapel.

For the ladies: dress, gown, or festive attire.

Gents, what if you don't have a tux?
No shirt, no shoes, no tux, no problem. Any suit will do.
Throw on your Saturday/Sunday's best. Come as you are. All festive attire welcome.

Who is Tux~Con for?

People that love history, people that love NYC, James Bonds, carnival barkers, magicians, MCs, people who like to dress up, a cappella groups, opera singers, the guy from the Monopoly game, boat captains, brides, grooms, billionaires, interns, and Cary Grants.


We invite you for free. Once at the bar, cash bar.

About Tux~Con

Tux~con is a tribute to NYC created by:

Jason Solarek |

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